Push-To-Talk for the mobile workforce


Via a worldwide partner channel organsation Talk-IP delivers the Push-To-Talk solution to large enterprise customers, enabling them to improve communication efficiency and reduce costs. 


Talk-IP's Push-To-Talk is a pioneering communication via cellular phone within or between one or several groups of users. The application allows customers to use their cellular phones in a way similar to a "walkie-talkie".


A group could be anything from a local taxi company to a group/department of an enterprise company. Groups can be established from a web based tool ( Customer portal ) or from the mobile phone by using the so called ad-hoc groups. Users can participate in several groups, one of them being the default group. Basically, this means that you can listen to several different groups/channels, but only speak to the members of the default group when you press the push-to-talk key.


Using a contact list, mobile workers can instantly call any contact or individual, and initiate group calls at the push of a button. Our unique PC based PC dispatcher can communicate with any member or group while displaying their availability worldwide.

Our client application supports most Nokia Symbian, Windows 10, BlackBerry 10 and Google Android devices.

Talk-IP offers a hosted service with no upfront costs - alternatively a full platform deployment on your hardware in your data center. Our Web based administration portal allows you to manage the subscribers and groups, change subscriber services and add new users. Alternatively this management function can be performed by the service partner to suit exact needs.

Link to our channel partners:


Germany/ Europe: www.talk-ip.de


South Africa and Australia: www.teamcom.co.za


Czech Republic:  www.trimtech.cz


Kanada/US: www.heliosworkersafety.com


Brasil: www.talk-ip-brasil.com.br



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