Talk-IP Push-to-Talk

Professional radio communication via your Mobile Phone


If you call it group call, private mobile radio, voice over ip or Push-to-Talk – we have the suitable solution for you.Talk-IP is turning your mobile device to a walkie-talkie by using a technology called Push-to-Talk (PTT) or Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PoC). Our solution is expanding common Push-to-Talk solutions by bundling communication with positioning and text transmittion. 

  • Use your mobile as radio unit for group calls or single calls (1:1 and 1:n communication). The group call functionatlity enables the communication to pre-defined channels / groups. There is no limit for channel members or the number of channels you create. For your flexibility you can administrate your channels in our customer portal.

    Additional to group calls Talk-IP also offers the functionality of single calls. Via the contact list but also yia your channel members you can enter 1:1 sessions.

  • Set different status updates: this stati can be defined as needed for your business (e.g. free, busy, break..).
  • No limit of coverage – Talk-IP is working world wide, wherever you get internet. Our service is based on data communication in all mobile networks and wifi. You may mix several operators and wifi - as it suits your business. By using any mobile operator Talk-IP has world wide coverage - there are no boarders for your communication.
  • Use all for a minimum of investment and running costs. Talk-IP is a cheep alternative for PMR, trunked Radio, Tetra, walkie-talkie or pager because it´s using existing infra structure and available devices. We support a great variety of handsets, accessories like car kits or PTT keys, ruggedized and ATAX certificated devices. Use the existing infrastructure of any mobile operator you want or your own wi-fi connections. You may use Windows, Linux, MACs or tablet pcs for dispatching.

Supported mobile devices:

  • Symbian S60 (Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, ...)
  • Windows Mobile 6.x (HTC, LG, ...)
  • Windows CE (industrial devices)
  • Android 2.2 and higher versions (SAMSUNG, Motorola, HTC, LG..)
  • BlackBerry10
  • Windows 10
  • IOS


If needed your communication can be codified (SSL). We also can save the communication for revision on our servers which allows you to analyze situations afterwards. This may be have relevance for security agencies.

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Please note also our Talk-IP brochure and technical specification.

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