Talk-IP – Line of Businesses

Taxi and Hire Car Companies

  • cost efficient alternative to private radio solutions
  • unlimited, worldwide coverage
  • accessories like car kit, PTT buttons
  • tap proof
  • locate your drivers and optimize the workflow
  • tracking to control, drivers log and evidence in case of investigations
  • Different stati indicate if a driver is busy, available or whatever  -   the provided stati can be defined per company.

Security & Police Forces

  • alternative to trunked radio solutions
  • tap proof digital radio system on existing infrastructure
  • no limit of coverage
  • comnmunication between operations commander and units/task forces
  • inconspicous for observations
  • locate and guide forces and vehicles
  • record communication to have evidence

Airport Services


Perfect for ground staff and ground handling

  • 1:1 and 1:n communication ensures fast reaction times for any event
  • simultaneous information for the whole team
  • powerful speakers and accessories allow communication in noisy environment
  • fashionable smart phones or ruggedized handsets - depending on working environment


  • Constant contact to every driver of the fleet
  • Flexibility for route changings, traffic jams..
  • cost efficient control of third party vehicles
  • locating service improves efficiancy and exact scheduling
  • automized time recording
  • simple way to connect shipping point and reception centre or business partners
  • no limit of coverage and reachability

Construction Companies

  • Talk-IPs group call / single call as cost efficient alternative to trunked radio
  • No limit of coverage
  • Handsets and accessories for use in e.g. noisy or dusty environments
  • New dimension off business processes by using locating / tracking system and instant text messaging

Public Transport


Modern traffic management systems are integrating Push-to-Talk:

  • Communication 1:1 and 1:n - connect dispatchers, drivers and other staff
  • Usable for announcements in vehicles and stations
  • No limit of available channels
  • Locating: geo-fencing is possible
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