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Expand your business offering with group communication and location finding Talk-IP offers you to expand your offering to enterprises and end users by providing the most efficient group communication including GPS location finding. Multiple setup options are available to enable you to launch the service rather instantly and cost-effectively in a matter of weeks, fully scaleable for future growth.

The key advantages of Talk-IP's Push-To-Talk solution over a standard cellular phone phone call are a quick call setup and no need to dial numbers. By simply pressing a key on the phone, every member of a group can hear the talker simultaneously and immediately, without having to press the answer key. Any phone or computer capable of IP communication can work as a client, procided that enough processing and network capacity is available. A desktop PC client is available that can provide "dispatcher" funktions as well as hands-free, ruggedized devices for harsh environment. The main design goals of Talk-IP's server are manageability, scalability and extensibility.

Enhanced Proposition
Talk-IP’s Push-To-Talk applications offer mobile operators the platform to increase revenue and ARPU. These applications create long-term business relations  in new market segments and deepen the relationship with existing customers.

The Talk-IP client is runnning on most Nokia Symbian, Windows 10, Blackberry 10 and Google Android devices. Software downloads are managed via SMS.

Talk-IP’s solution offers an attractive alternative to the radio communication used by enterprises such as public transportation, logistics, police, fire departments, field service and more. With millions of users worldwide, PMR users have become an attractive targed segment for mobile operators.

Talk-IP’s solution guarantees reliability, security and worldwide coverage on low cost.

Flexible Billing and Provisioning platform                       

Talk-IP delivers a powerful provisioning platform. With its standard XML interface the Talk-IP Service Center offers unique transparency, flexibility and integration capability. All standard billing methods are supported. The server itself has its own SOAP based provisioning interface.


Managed Service ( white label service ) Beside dedicated server deployments in the operator 's data center, Talk-IP is providing fully managed carrier grade service. This is the platform to launch the service almost immediately.  Full Platform Deployment The mobile operators can provide the service from their own data center. Whenever Subscribers are having internet access they can use the Talk-IP Service.


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